Postpartum Revolution

The Forth Trimester 🤰🏾

I am honored to have been asked to be a part of this revolution. To speak alongside soo many other professionals 😊🙏🏾

Many who know me know this is a topic I hold with grace and passion. Being 3 months postpartum myself, I cannot sing enough praises for the care and support that is out there.

For the many of our friends and particularly the fathers to ask first "and how are YOU Naomie was sooo heartwarming. We are changing as we are learning as parents, both the female, male and the WombMen as well.

Care of the mother is not just a females responsibility.. it is ALL our responsibility , the communities, the villages, the clans whoever is near a newborn mama and baby 👶🏽

Join us and learn, share and engage in the wisdom in the coming week

We are talking all things traditional postpartum from all around the world.

It is sign up now!