Insurance reimbursements 2018

Reimbursement Doula & Maternity Course Health Insurance 2018

Also in 2018 I get again questions about the reimbursement of my support as doula by the health insurance. Good news, many insurers reimburse (part of) the bill now! At the beginning of the year it is not possible to switch insureres but! you can adjust the additional package with your insurer until the end of the month in January. You would only know if yours would reimburse if you contact them. And maybe you would get something back! Below you will find an overview of the insurers who give my childbirth preparation sessions and as a doula and/or pregnancy course.

Reimbursements for doula support 2018

There are three health insurance companies that have specifically included the doula in their reimbursement allowance. These health insurance companies are:

– Salland

– Holland Zorg

– Make Direct

They reimburse €100, in the Top and Plus packages. Not incredibly a huge sum, but nevertheless; something.

Reimbursement of Pregnancy Course 2018
Where fortunately much more often is remuneration for, are the private pregnancy courses that I give. This makes it possible at the same time to get a part of the birth guidance that I give as doula reimbursed, because then I make a split bill for you.
Reimbursement for a pregnancy course you get from the following insurers:
– CZ in Basic and Plus package €100,-and in Top and families package €200,-
– Ditzo in Care Best Package 75% of the amount with a maximum of €400,-
– Univé in better package €75,-and Best package €100,-
– OHRA Supplemental Package €200,-
– Delta Lloyd Additional package €200,-
– The Amersfoort Supplemental Package €500

More information?
Not all Doula's meet the conditions that the insurers make for reimbursement. To get reimbursed even for your Doula support,

* the Doula has to be a certifed and recognized Doula through the Dutch Proffesional Association for Doulas - NBvD.

* The doula has to be registered with the Chamber of Commerce - KVK AND

* the doula has to be vetted through the 'care providers system' and granted a AGB code

So when you book me, your invoice will have my AGB code for your reimbursement! I made sure to cover all the requirements above :-)

Insurers are reimbursing more often now, part of a doula support or a pregnancy course. Fine!
Always count out whether the fee you can get outweighs the extra cost of concluding an additional package.
Be sure to Check the terms and conditions or call to see if you can get my invoice. I comply with many of the conditions of health insurers, but it is unfortunate if you have seen something overlooked and the bill recovers

If you are not sure of the fee, you have questions or just want to chat, please contact me.

With great appreciation to Doula colleague: Marlies Phielix for collecting and rechecking the information herein