Have you heard of a Menopause Party before?

Many women i mentioned to about Menaupose party were stunned. One asked me.. '  a what? Is that even a thing? YES! its a thing! 

Have you heard of a Menopause celebration before? One lady asked me if it was 'a thing' even. YES! It's a phase in life that is not recognised, ackowledged nor celebrated. It is a phase to be celebrated, and last week i was invited to a women gathering in Leiden to celebrate this phase with a dear colleague of mine. It was such an honor

I mentioned this last week and many 'women' were surprised to hear it existed! Those from Mombasa understand WHY we hold Kitchen parties and their importance. Why we are assigned a 'kungwi' before send offs and marriage. Why we keep 'women stuff' amongst us. The young and the old coming together, to teach and learn the wisdom

I attended a beautiful Menopause celebration last week Sunday. I was honoured to have been invited and welcomed to be part of such a meaningful celebration!

I am going to blog about what it is, why its done, its impact and importance soon! Watch out for the publication!

Women gatherings have been going for ages since I can remember. Even now my mum is very much involved in the community around her, be it a kitchen party, a 'chama' etc