Inductions don't have to be dreary

Be mindful of the energy you welcome when you are nearing labor. Horror stories are the last thing you should be lumbered with at that time

This here is a lovely example of how my recent client Hanna prepared for her induction and sailed through her labor and birth!

Last week when my client Hanna was admitted for reduced baby movements, I popped by at the hospital to keep her company, cheer her up and keep her positive. She sent her husband home to keep himself occupied and busy, as there was really not much for him to do, and also she needed to focus on re-energising her spirits the best way she knew how to. She had been in the hospital for 2 days till a decision was made to induce as the team looking after her were not sure and all uncertainties during pregnancy can be worrying and overwhelming. On day 2 of full hospital room occupancy, a friend ( crazy friend as she introduced herself to me haha) turned up a few hours before me dressed in a panda suit tagging with a facepaint box to do the honors. When i arrived she was almost finishing her art work and Hanna seemed more relaxed, more high in spirit and really excited about meeting her baby

We had a picnic from the little space she had as she shared the space with possibly another expectant mother.. and we had a feast with loads of laughter, loads of 'real talk' and positive stories about life with babies and as parents haha. I LOVED the painting of little 'Limpet's' (that was the nickname the parents gave him) first Halloween in utero! :-)

2 days later, she held her bundle of joy in her arms

Keep positive even when events dare to take a different turn. Be observant of the activities through the day and air your concerns in an amicably nice way. The medical team should be your friends when you enter the hospital. Dont enter the space and turn it hostile, it may backfire on you. Be calm, be friendly, be respectful BUT assertive. Feel that your voice is heard when you ask whatever you ask