Mother-to-Mother Doula Support Initiative

I call it my Doula Extra package. It is customized and discussed in detail. I only have two requests with this package that i will speak about in detail when i meet you

This support system is aimed at pregnant mothers and mothers of all children alike. Sometimes you just want to meet up with mothers and chat about everything motherhood. Its nice to talk about the struggles, the joys, the everyday life as a mother, wife and ourselves. It would be lovely to have a circle of women meeting together and chatting in a collective way about woman and motherhood issues. To learn, to encourage and share with each other how we see ourselves in the role

Last year i supported a refugee single lady and it triggered my being, I was challenged as a person, as a woman. Together with Nancy we supported a second Eritrean couple in Uterecht and even though they did not pay a cheque, their words afterwards will stay with me for the rest of my life. Their gratitude was huge, it was genuine and for me, it was enough. Seeing how they coped and how calm they both were in the presence of a face familiar to them was humbling. It became a reality for me, how much the simple things that we take for granted could have profound meaning to others.

And with initiative was born. I decided with every paying client, i will take another who needs the support but cannot fund it. I decided to divide the initiative in categories. If you can afford just a little bit, If you would rather a student support you due to funds, if you cannot afford the support at all

Today; I am euphoric after a powerful birth yesterday evening (the second one in 4 days for me) that was handled very well by my back up doula, Nancy Hart from Mijn Doula Hart when i couldn't reach the couple the early hours of the morning even if i tried. Nancy was present for this couple throughout till i arrived at the hospital. Her presence was calm and very reassuring as the clients said, and i repeat again, it is one of the reasons i know i can have her in my team!

Back on the initiative, the last 4 days have been great, awesome, stressful, rewarding you name it. I took on a couple in the Hague who were due to have their bundle of joy in November. Baby decided otherwise though as he emerged in the world yesterday evening., 3 weeks early. Here is the twist though. The clients in the Hague (Client A) were a paying couple. After they booked me and we started meeting for Birth preparation Sessions, i decided to prepare to take another couple who needed the support just the same but were unable to fund it. I met a Syrian couple two streets away from me who fit the requirement! She had only just arrived in the Netherlands and could do with support during labor and birth. I took them on! Last week on Thursday 26th October at 5:08pm, clients (B) gave birth to a beautiful baby girl, they named her Nancy, born at 40+4 days. Yesterday on Sunday 29th October at 5:12pm couple (A) had a little boy they named him Joseph.

FOUR days after baby Nancy and FOUR minutes between them!. How special is that? And what are the chances in real life actually? These two babies and their families welcomed me with open arms, I became part of their routine through the pregnancy and at birth, and even now in their postpartum period. Both births very different, both so empowering, so encouraging, so special. The first words clients B said when their baby emerged was thank Hanna for making this moment memorable! She was in her moment, but her first words were full of gratitude. Both partners so strong next to their wives. The beauty of it all? I will get to see them both grow! :-). Both babies adorable, both parents transitioning calmly, and both enjoying their postpartum period.

Here is a picture of both babies! 

Nancy born Thursday 26th October at 5:08

Joseph born Sunday 29th October at 5:12

Now.. I have taken another paying client in December, so if you know anyone looking for Doula support on a low scale, do pass on my details please, and lets see where we can support, because i strongly believe in women supoorting women and the difference i see that support brings new mothers is the reason i started this initiative

Thank you! xNaomie