CONTINOUS SUPPORT: Is not continuous when life happens and you are not supported when you need to be. Because I take pride in my work as your Doula, I thrive to make sure that when life happens on my side, the support doesn't end when life has to happen on yours

We have you covered! Meet my colleague and regular backup Doula Nancy Hart from Mijn Doula Hart in Amsterdam

Nancy is a Doula based in Amsterdam. We worked together last year to support an Eritrean couple in AZC Utrecht and we have been in constant contact ever since. We are working with three couples currently and reflect on our work together as a team, which is great because sometimes we need a reflection of our work so we can improve in it. When you book me, there is an appointment where you will meet Nancy so that she can also understand your needs in good time, get to know you also 'in case' she is the one who attends your birth!

As a colleague, I am super excited to her onboard! She is a calm, observant and knowledgeable lady, whose focus in also in making sure that you are supported for your ideal birth. She is the extra Zen in Upendo Doula and we make a great team! :-)