PRIVATE Birth Preparation Sessions

Are you looking for a Birth preparation Session to help you prepare for your coming birth? To be in sync with each other as a couple, to have a better focus? 

My Birth Preparation Sessions are full of visual modes to help you engage in the decisions making, to discuss at length your options and make informed decisions for you. My sessions are 4 weeks in the comfort of your own home. You will learn techniques to stay calm & feel confident throughout your birth. We will cover

- How Hypnobirthing works to create the best birth for you

- Why your birth environment may mean a more comfortable birth

- Breathing techniques to cope with labor

- Relaxation anchors to create that calm environemtn

- Prepare your birth partner for his/her role

MP3s will be emailed to you for relaxation, practice mindset for your ideal birth.

Most of my sessions are tailor-made to your needs. Find out more by email; or by whatsapp: 0651329889

Thank you! xNaomie