My Support is for everyone

The worries for any expectant mother even in a family unit can be bearing in a society where you are bombarded with everything negative about birth and all the horror stories that come with the sight of your bump. Going through the same journey alone must be overwhelming with so much information on Google, its enough to drive you up the wall. There are so many 'choices' and suggestions out there it can be hard to follow one route. Maybe a coach would be helpful in this moment? Please read on..

I am excited to announce that i will be hosting Twee Handen Op Een Buik in Leiden and Surroundings for single mothers. Maybe your relationship and all the plannings you had as a family unit have taken a wrong turn temporarily or permanently, you don't have to go through the journey of pregnancy, birth preparation and parenthood alone. It maybe by choice, it may not be, I hope you realise there is support for you through this journey and that you will let me be your support

The initiative was started by a Doula Colleague Maaike Rijnsburger who hosts singings sessions for expectant mothers in Uterecht. When i stumbled upon the initiative i was taken in, because i belong in a group back in my native country where i get atleast 3/4 emails of inboxes a week from women who have found themselves going through the birth preparation and life beyond alone, without warning and have still decided to go ahead with their plans. It is heartwarming to see their reactions and responses when all i have provided was a response to their questions, or just been on the other side of the computer or phone so they could speak to someone. It prompted me start offering Virtual Doula Support as i spend a significant amount of time sometimes communicating back and forth and i decided to pursue it. So i contacted Maaike and signed up as a host for the region Leiden and surroundings

The moment when we should be planning as a family unit and to then find yourself alone can be overwhelming. You dont have to go through the journey alone. I am willing to walk the journey with you, to guide you in person, from a distance whichever way you feel comfortable. It is comforting to find others in your shoes, to share the worries, to vent, to exclaim and celebrate each other in this journey. That is where the idea to host groups came from. I plan to host a complete Childbirth Preparation Session for these women within the community in Leiden and Den Haag if there is demand, so that right from the preparation itself you are not isolated. When you connect with others you form  and create your support network, you may find long term friends. I have contacts of a lovely Postpartum Doula in the community too who would be more than willing to step in when you need support after Kraamzorg has left and you are not on your feet yet to guide you through that phase on a more gentle manner

So i hope you realise that support is available if you need it, and therefore hope you will be my first mama to make contact. The beginning is always the hardest, but let us see if we can start something meaningful and where it takes us long term. If I am talking to you now, please make contact by email; Dont let the fear of affordability hinder you from making contact. You don't have to be my Doula client either, just reach out. Connect and find out how i can support you still. WhatsApp number is 0651329889. 

I am a Certified Birth & Postpartum Doula with extensive experience in Low-birth babies, Premature births, Traumatic births, Bereavement and general mothering the mothers. Aside from that, I am a wife and a mother of two, therefore; my 'suggestions' will be my own, from my own experience topped up with my education. 

More information? Click on the link for other regiions too if you are looking for support out of Leiden:

I look forward to hearing from you! Naomie