The importance of finding your Optimal position for childbirth

Finding your optimal position is vital. "I want to try a few positions together so that he can get a feel of them too especially when he is supporting me". Mama is determined to keep upright for as much as she can manage and it was lovely to see her partner join in 😃

When YOU find your optimal position you will find confidence to birth. Gone are the days women are made to birth in stirrups laying on their backs. As a birthing mother you should choose what appeals to you and what makes you comfortable. In my native country, women used to give birth upright even, with the help of others including either a midwife of 'Mkunga' (Traditional birth worker) using kangas (like the Rebozo). These days the C-section rates has shot up. Its not creeping anymore, it is becoming a norm that women would feel safer in hospitals than at home.

And so with my last childbirth preparation session @ upendo we wish you all a happy, relaxing and re-energizing summer break.

Bookings for further childbirth preparation sessions will be from 17th August onwards

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