Birth & Postpartum Donations

With one of the couple, I had a midwife contact me from Uterecht to ask if i would walk the journey with one of her clients. I accepted and made contact immediately. During my support with these women, I learned so much about myself, my own strengths and capabilities too, but also It was an awakening period for me at how much resilience is in us as women, as mothers. The length at which we cope and adjust to environments not our own, unfamiliar places, different culture and still remain in the now for now matters. The strength at which we pull out in certain situations and circumstances to still make it 'acceptable' is incredible. Career-wise i had never tested myself to that extent before.  For these clients i work with student doulas to help them (the student Doulas) gain some insight also in the work of a doula and to guarantee they will be supported if i was to be called to another birth at the same time. Last year i had the pleasure of working with Doula Nancy Hart. She loved it, and i enjoyed her company and insight too.  Her presence was calming which is what you are looking for in a backup, someone to instil calm and bring positive energy. With Nancy we had a few appointments where she witnessed me giving Childbirth Preparation Session and comfort measures to the couple, then we went through the birth plan and it was important that she met them in advance of time as i had two other clients due one week apart of each other and it meant Nancy could attend the birth as needed

Nancy's aura is infectious. She clicked with the couple immediately. I was content too and they managed to meet sometime in between without me as i had a midwife appointment with another client, but also Nancy could drop the donations i had received for this mother and baby from my local group; Leiden Mamas. The spirit of giving was so encouraging, it was special. I put up a post to request for donations for the couple i was supporting and within days my corridor was overflooding with stuff from baby clothes, feeding name it. Nancy helped me bring the stuff in bits by car to the couple and they were received with gratitude

Following that moment i decided that with every paying client, i would make allowance to support more that come my way who needed the support but are not able to pay for it. I started talking about my initiative with my clients too and then asked them not to gift me with flowers when we end our contract, but to donate an amount that would help me provide support to others who are not able to fund it themselves. One of my previous client gave an amount towards this, which i am happy to make use of from this year

I am pleased to say, i have taken on a Syrian couple expecting their bundle of joy in October 2017. I have called for a donation near me for clothes, amongst other things to help them transition as calmly as possible. I have so far been offered  a complete Kindergwagen (pram) set, a Maxicosi, baby rompers, Changing table, Changing mattress and mattress covers. I am still looking for:

* Baby cot

* Hot water bottles for both mother and baby

* Unusued KraamPakket

* Sanitary towels

* baby blankets

* Unused toiletries for both mother and baby

* Baby diapers

For the clothes I am collecting from size 62/68 upto 98/104 at least. They are expecting a baby girl

If you would like to donate this time and maybe another time also with my next couple please contact me by email at: for further information and drop off address. Thank you in advance

Baby Arsiema with Doula Nancy Hart during the Kraam visit. So edible was she, and pictures now that her father sends are great to see just how wonderful she is growing