In the midst of the unknown

I love to give praises where its due. A few months ago i was contacted by a midwife from Uterecht to ask if i was able to support a couple from her practice that she felt needed more support than their practice opening hours was able to provide. That with extra supportm, she herself would feel at peace that the expectant couple were making contact outside the assylum seekers camp and 'institute'. I agreed even though i had 2 clients of my own already. The lady's due date made space so it was ok to take her on

I did however ponder on the idea of supporting 3 women due almost one after another, and thought to bring in a back up. So i contacted Nancy Hart from Mijn Doula Hart pratice in Amsterdam. I had backed her up a few months ago for a Doula Colleague and felt we thought similar and our support ethic was similar, so it made sense to bring her onboard. She was not only shocked but humbled i had contacted her :-). There was something about Nancy i liked from the day i met her during a training in Amsterdam. Her collected, calm personality was what i needed myself to work with. So i was super high when she said yes.  

I went to meet the couple first and on the second appointment i asked the couple if they were ok if i had a back up for me, and for them to make sure they were supported in case i didn't make it for the birth. They accepted after asking a few questions though as they had settled with me being their support by that point. I contacted Nancy when i arrived back home and we planned to go and meet them together again. A date was fixed, Nancy came to pick me up at home as i had bags of Donations for the couple and off we went. I had planned to do a birth preparation for the couple at that appointment so Nancy saw how i worked. The appointment was a sucess and everyone felt content. Temesgan was sure he can support his wife all through and we needed him as Terhus didn't speak a word of English nor Dutch, only Tegrinia their mother tongue

Nancy made contact again in my absence when i had to attend another birth in between, which was great. She had started working with the couple, done some information session at that appointment etc. We fixed another appointment to talk further about the birth, what to do, who to call, when etc. Another succesful appointmet, we were ready for the birth

We took another round of Donations which i had collected from the Leiden Mamas group. There were so many kind people within the group, the support was overwhelming! Seeing this couple no matter how many times was lovely too. Nancy was ok to visit them and make contact in my absence and most times she would ask me if xyz was ok without me giving the details out. She was focused, curious and informative. I was sure i had found a Doula i could wor with for back up, most definitely

When the day approached however, the couple decided to contact me and off i went to Uterecht at 11:40pm arriving almost 1am! The midwife arrived shortly after me, Terhus was checked and the dilation confirmed. Midwife left to come back in the morning. The following morning we were transferred to hospital though for pain relief. Labor and birth was very quick and a little baby girl was born earthside.