The need for women to connect

It is not until you hear the sentence above from another woman that you realise how much connection amongst women has dwindled. The need to come together, share a giggle, our worries and parenting issues as a whole has almost dimished. Part of the reason for it i believe is most mamas work longer time even during pregnancy so there is not enough time left to socialize. Needs are a must, and some mamas have to work to provide for their families. Another part is the lack of effort too. There are those that are at home, they just choose not to interact with other mums for whatever reason. The last is that some mums have lost touch with the whole idea about community. So many have reduced themselves into just their own close-knit groups but sometimes you need someone from outside to be around for you and not just family.

I grew up within a community, where you knew you could speak up, share your worries, joys and learn from others so freely. I considered the help i got from my mother for example a 'normal' arrangement. When i heard it was not so 'normal' i realized how very lucky i was that she (my mother) was able to come for 3 months with both my children's births

I was in Barcelona this last weekend, and had the priviledge of meeting Dr Amali Lokogamage who is a OBGYN in London from the UCL. She was lecturing about the importance od Normalizing birth. One of the topic she touched on was the importance of women gathering, women chatter she called. She explained that 'when women are given information in an open space, they utilize and learn far better than when they attend lectures. When women meet and talk, and 'do' things together, the knowldege base expands, because amongst them, somebody has different knowledge to share and as such, expand the whole social-dynamics. We need to bring this feeling of togetherness back in our societies