Be grateful but also Say it!

I know we have all be guilty of being louwsy ungrateful bastards one time in our lives., right?. Well.. today i want to boast about my parents in law. So this is the thing; as we all know mostly they can make our lives difficult for us as new comers in the families. You read about it in groups at how heavy it is with some in-laws and how relationships are almost done because of tensions with inlaws etc. And I am not saying i have not had my share in the 'odd' discussions but nevertheless, i am very grateful they are in mine and my children's lives. My children are growing up knowing them, connected with their roots, they are taught some stuff too along the way based on their parenting back in the days. They normally would do this 'parenting' bit in their own house for conflict of interest. You see? In my house i am afterall the boss. Once they take my children to their own house, let them correct them according to their 'laws' as long as they bring them back in 1 piece! 

So what did they actually do to deserve such a shout out? Well! What didn't they do? hahaha. Let me start with here. So i married my king last month July, had a full house (African style) but then everyone had to go back and life had to go back to normal in our own house! So the husband planned a few getaways as my brother was visiting from Kenya! We took him to a few places here but planned some more in Germany. Sauerland! We fell in love with this part of Germany from the very first time we went. Last time we went to Kuntergrun. We stayed in my mentor's house up in the hills in Thuringen; Villa Kuntergrun..that place IS heaven. So we planned a return this year too!

Packed up, loaded the car and off we drove..all more than 5 hours of driving. Lovely time we had and then we came back! Sorry i am rushing it a bit, as i have just fed my son and he is ready for another nappy change as i type this paragraph. Ha! The joys of motherhood.. right?

Anyway..we came back fine, and then unfortunately it was time for my brother to go back to Kenya too. So he had a good flight and then we went on our second trip away.. MUNICH. It was lovely with my family, to reconnect with the man, To catch up and play with the kids, to be silly together, to laugh together and just BE a family. Whilst in Munich though, my parents in law moved in to ours for a while. The hinges needed more oil according to my father in law who never sits down with his notepad and pencil always jotting measurements down; bless him. My own daughter will tell you ' Opa does all the tidying up so WELL! And I kid you not, You literally have to bribe him with a cup of coffee and tartje to have him seated, if he makes it to sit down whilst that coffee is still hot that is, and even then he sits like he's wasting time. The curtains, shelves and surfaces were dusty according to my mother in law. She is QUEEN of CLEAN & TIDY! Though she will tell you how you should do it, and afterwards you will spend the afternoon looking for where stuff has been moved to haha.. she does help me clean my house when she comes. More than some get i know.. so i love her still for it and i know how very lucky i am. So all that cleaning frenzy went on in our absence.. the main door even had a coat of pain too! The plants both front and back prunned, trimmed and tidied up, the cupboards re-arranged, the out of date stuff put aside to be gone through on our return and dust was taken off everywhere. My shade all re-arranged.. 'something we are incapable of doing' according to my husband hahaha.

We literally came back to a NEW house. Spankling clean, polished kitchen cupboards (wait another week you will see a map leading to where the candies live) and the sun shone so bright through the clean windows too. I am impressed at how much they did. I am ging to try and maintain it now. I am also going to reduce on the lame 'bulk buying' as the box that greeted me with the out-of-date stuff was a box FULL! I am not guaranteeing it will stay spankling as their ways are not mine and we have small children who do best at messing up. My priority is happy babies and a contented husband. But i promise to TRY!

So this here publicly is a THANK YOU to my Mother and Father -in Love.. YOU are appreciated!

My friend Elorine said to me the following day after i told her what my house looked like 'Do they fancy coming down to mine too for a weekend? Better still if there's a house next to you, I am moving down so they can pop in mine after yours on their way home!  hahaha