- 'Thank you so much for a lovely morning. I am feeling confident i can do this. We appreciate so much all the info you gave us' - Andra & Mike

- Thank you so much the amazing hypnobirthing sessions. Mark and i enjoyed them immensely and we both feel better prepared for the birth and know what role each will play (well, i mean, mine's obvious) but Mark feels better prepared to take on his - Trine & Mark

I have abslutely no regrets following your session. I thought i knew 'stuff' until you started coming, then i realized how vast this world of pregnancy, birth and beyond really is. Marinka & joel

We love that you give your services to people in need. It is one of the reasons we chose you. Your generousity does not go unnoticed. Your postpartum support was a helpful bridge between kraamzorg time and the time that our family needed to be left alone. I appreciate feeling pampered with the Moxa treats, massages and belly binding. I cannot think of anything else i could have asked for! - Kelly & Clint

We cannot thank you enough for everything you invested in our birth - you were exactly what we needed, always supporting us in everything.
You are a wonderful doula, with your talented photographers & dear friends. :) - Shaza

''I have to say that Naomie was the best decision we made for our pregnancy and birth experience. It was really hard in the Netherlands to find a Doula or a preparation classes for couples in english. So when we saw her page we were ecstatic. I was absolutely terrified of the fact that i had no idea of what to expect but her calm and super supportive energy was just what we needed. She took us through the hypnobirthing techniques and using a birthpool and i have to say that it helped in getting me the dream birth that i was hoping for. I would absolutely recommend her. I learnt so much from her.. still do :-) ' - Wendy

''Naomi is a doula with big heart. I have attended Naomi's Child birth preparation course and her Mother blessing event. They both were AWESOME!!! I was there both times just on the side taking photo's, but I was touched by them every time. Her courses are full of emotions, laugh, focused on your personal needs, wishes and she gives you loads of information in theorie but also in practise. Naomi makes you feel understood, trusted and safe and she truly understand what she is doing. She provides you with loads of information you need to know. You as a mother to be or father to be can fully trust her. She gives to all her clients all care and love she can. I cant recommend her highly enough! - Alena Masselink - Birth & Newborn Photographer

Hi Naomi, We enjoyed your birth preparation sessions! What I appreciated most was your attention to the whole picture. How Joost and I interacted and can interact with each other and how we feel about the birth proces, and also Jolijns position. The explanation of massage techniques and positions was clear as well as the hypnobirthing idea. I listened to a couple of the files afterwards. We felt at ease with your warm personality and liked the way you interacted with Jolijn denying being tired. - Joost and Hetty

''Naomie is the one that will go that extra mile for you and your family!' - Doula colleague Nancy

''More than support with Naomie! Naomie was our childbirth educator, then we decided she should be with us for the birth of our son. Her overal expertise and eye to detail as a childbirth educator was amazing. As a doula, she is very gentle, guiding us along the way and providing the most overal support. When my husband went back to work we contracted Naomie to support us for our 40 day rest. Very glad we did! Her cooking is amazing, her nurturing ways out of this world and she leaves you feeling very supported with love and care. We would recommend her services! If you are looking for overal support, then Naomie is the person to contact!'' - Tina

''As new parents we didn't know what to expect when we signed up for hypno-birthing classes. It turned out to be the perfect experience for us. Naomie was energetic, dedicated, knowledgeable and a super awesome person! Thanks again Naomie for your great guidance, and sincere interest in us'' - Marvin

''Thank you Naomie for the wonderful work you did for us. I felt completely relax and at ease. I think Doulas should be advised for every mum-to-be. I am a very anxious person with a lot of question and I think I had a more peaceful pregnancy than for my two first sons. Day and night she was available to answer to my questions and reassure me when I was doubting. I enjoyed a lot what we shared when I gave birth. It went fast, thanks to the tips, massages and exercises we did together just before the delivery. It went fast and I will keep beautiful memories of that special day. I had the delivery I dreamed of :)'' - Anais

''Very satisfied. Naomie empowered us, helping in dealing with the contractions when we needed it. Protecting our environment, taking over the role of the birth partner when it was needed, giving us space and helped us to stay connected'' - Dana

''Having been able to witness Naomie in action and see how she works with clients, I can say that she really works with her heart. Her first and for most goal is to support and give. She is eager to share her knowledge, technics in order to offer the best experience to these Parents. Plus her smile is totally communicative and will put you at ease for sure. I recommend her services''   - Photographer Celine Mogenier Kolber                                                                                                                                 

''Naomie is fantastisch! Mijn zwangerschap was geen makkelijke en de situatie erom heen ook niet. Dankzij de support en hulp van Naomie heb ik toch heel mindful thuis kunnen bevallen. Ze gaf de juiste support en tips en dat alles met een beetjr humor op zijn tijd'' - Sharifa

''Naomie is fantastisch. Ze hielp mij heel goed. Ik was zwanger voor de eerste tijd daarom het was een beetje moeilijk voor mij. Maar door de hulp van Naomie komt alles goed'' - Temesgen

''When you are empowered you will acheive the kind of birth you wish for' & yes I/We got it!!! During the times leading to the birth of our son, the day of the delivery itself (12th Of April) and the times after, the services of our doula Naomie was required by myself and my partner. Naomie is knowledgeable and possesses the emotional intelligence during the pregnancy and after, and demonstrated a wealth of knowledge in her field. She offers valuable and insightful advice, also her level of professionalism was extremely high. She gave us speace to act yet offered support in such a manner that it came at the right time it was required. Happy Experience! Naomie Karemi has our full recommendation'' - Deborah

''After my husband went back to work, hiring Naomie to help me during the postpartum period was the best decision. My husband would come home tired after work and he was helpful but i needed extra hands from someone who knew what they were doing. Naomie is a natural and she kept reminding me i didn't have to be a superwoman! Things will fall in place in time, to enjoy my baby and she definitely helped us bond as a family'' - Malika - 1st time mom