This support system is aimed at pregnant mothers and mothers of children alike. Sometimes you just want to meet up with mothers and chat about everything motherhood. Its nice to talk about the struggles, the joys, the everyday life as a mother, wife and ourselves. It would be lovely to have a circle of women meeting together and chatting in a collective way about woman and motherhood issues. To learn, to encourage and share with each other how we see ourselves in the role

We started!

Last week Tuesday 30th January i had a group of FOUR women come together at my house to support each other with different discussions, to come together as mothers, wives, girl friends to chat about our joys, struggles and life's highs and lows. There was so much connection, laughter, tears and tonnes of chatter about everything motherhood... so heartwarming!.

Women circles have been going for ages, supporting each other, empowering each other and learning from each other as every woman has their own experience and knowledge. It is nice to bring the ideas and wisdom together in a gathering and share them amongst each other


EVERY TUESDAYS 11am-2pm. Includes Tea, coffee and bites. You can bring something along too!

Would you like to join too? Email me privately