Mother Blessing / Blessingway

Photocredit: Alena Masselink

Over the last several years, we've seen a shift away from traditional commercialized Baby Showers and registries and towards an ancient, heart-centered event called The Mother Blessing. This amazing tradition brings together women to honor and support the pregnant woman as she moves from maiden to motherhood, rather than focusing soley on the baby.

This tradition comes from the Navajo heritage and is meant to help facilitate a smooth and loving transition into motherhood. It is believed that when a mother feels loved and supported she is more likely to have a positive birth and postpartum experience.

PS: Motherblessing or Blessing Way is NOT my own culture, but because i connect with it and believe in its benefits, and have seen it work, i decided to include it in my services for those who need something different to a traditional/typical Babyshower. It made me realize how much we have lost the natural or common ways of women gathering together and supporting each other in a collective way to encourage the mother-to-be and also to connect with her as she prepares her path into motherhood

Mother Blessing OFFER

If you are looking for a ceremony different, Meaningful and one that you will hold close to your heart for a very long time, contact me. Let me talk you through what it means and how i can plan one for you. I promise you, you will live to remember it. What are you waiting for? 

If you book my Doula packages, your Motherblessing ceremony is included for half the fee  75 Euros(normally organised at 150 Euros)

Here is a picture of one i hosted for my previous client Dana

Photocredit: Alena Masselink, facebook page: