How exciting!! As you get ready for all the excitement and life changing events ahead of you, let me be your source of support! 

What is a Doula? A Doula is a woman who gives support and help to another woman during pregnancy and after birth. She is a professional trained in childbirth to provide emotional, physical and educational support to a mother who is expecting, experiencing labor or has recently given birth. The doula's purpose is to help women have a safe, memorable, and empowering birthing experience.

Doulas are trained in the physiology and psychology of birth, and in the art of providing emotional and physical support to women in late pregnancy, labor and often into the postpartum period (after birth/postnatal period). Unlike midwives, Doulas are NOT medical professionals and therefore do not deliver babies. Their presence however can be a 'game changer' when it comes to the well-being of the pregnant and birthing mother as well as the labor and birth experience.

Doulas provide support by mitigating pain through simple, natural techniques, boosting the birthing mother's confidence and morale until the baby is born


Single & going through the process alone?

Sometimes life changes than how we knew it. Maybe you have just moved into the country with no family support and no network of friends either. Maybe the relationship took a different turn and you find yourself going through the process of pregnancy and birth alone. You dont have to be alone

Pregnancy even for those with family around can be isolating. Reach out to others, and i hope i can be that someone who can be there to hold your space. Please make contact to see how and where i can still support you.

This package will be customized to you for a reasonable fee that is manageable

Low income - Budget Support

If you need support but funds are tight, I can still support you. My aim in supporting women/couples is not tied to how much they can pay but how much meaningful the support will be for couples.

So If you are in need of someone to be present for you, please make contact. Let us see if together we can come up with a package that will ensure you are supported and would work for both of us

Need support - No income

For every paying client, i make it possible for another who needs support but cannot afford it. 

If you need support during your pregnancy or at labor itself, please make contact. Let us see together how we can ensure you do not go through it alone

If i am unable to support you myself, i will find a student Doula i know or have worked with for you who would be present to hold your space

Doula Support - Customized Package - starting from 780 (inlc btw 21%).

Doula support should be affordable to everyone who needs it, regardless of their financial capabilities. That is how this package came about, after speaking to some of my couples, i saw the need for it. Sometimes just someone to be there to prepare you walk the journey yourself is enough. With this package, you choose the minimal.

Contact me to get your customized package and hear what else we can add or remove within this package to make it work for you

As this is a customized package, naturally It includes

*Complimentary consultation

* TWO prenatal appointments at home to get you prepared for labor

*ONE visit at your midwife

*ONE postpartum visit

This package does NOT include Newborn photoshoot.


900 (incl btw 21%, and all other costs)

Complimentary consultation (non-binding), to explore needs and wishes and to establish if we are a good fit

  • Prenatal meetings to get you prepared for labor at home and/or in the hospital
  • ONE visit at your midwife/gynecologist during a check-up
  • THREE Private Birth Preparation Sessions including Hypnobirthing MP3s
  • Unlimited phone and email counselling
  • Continuous labor and birth support from point of contract and (on call 24/7 from 37 weeks until week 42
  • Two postpartum appintments to go through the support and end contract
  • Discounted rate of 50 EUR per 2 hours long appointment for any additional prenatal or postnatal appointments:



850 - From 37 weeks (Includes btw 21% - and all other costs)

One prenatal meeting (from week 37 onwards, if possible)

  • Support with drafting your Birth Plan and attending the Midwife/Gynaecologist appointment
  • Unlimited phone and email counseling
  • Continuous labor and birth support (on call 24/7 from time of booking until birth)
  • TWO postpartum appointments to go through the support and end contract
  • Discounted rate of 50 EUR per 1,5 hour long appointment for any additional prenatal or postnatal appointments


EXTENSIVE/COMPREHENSIVE PACKAGE: 1295 (includes btw 21%, and all other costs).

* Includes a mini New born photo shoot with Alena Masselink

* Prebirth Pictures can be arranged

* This package includes THREE PRIVATE childbirth Preparation Sessions with Hypnobirthing tips

Includes the Standard package

+ Weekly meetings from week 36 onwards

+ Longer appointments during our meetings

+ Additional postnatal meetings summing up to 15 hours extra Postpartum hours. You pick the dates and times that suit your needs (After your Kraamzorg has left)

PAYMENT Plan available/possible

As your birth Doula, I will

  • help create a positive, caring environment where you feel safe and can labor with more ease
  • offer verbal encouragement to you and family members
  • suggest and assisting with positions that enhance your labor progress, conserve your energy and optimize your baby’s position
  • recommend relaxation and pain reduction techniques
  • assist with a variety of comfort measures including breathing, guided imagery, music, massage, labor TENS unit (transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation), hydrotherapy (bath, shower, warm and cold compresses) and more
  • offer your partner, spouse and other family members helpful ideas to be involved in the birth and encourage them to participate in meaningful ways for them
  • ensure that your and your partner, spouse and family members are well nourished for the work of labor and birth
  • facilitate communication and informed decision making between you, your partner, spouse, family members so you can communicate back with your medical care team
  • provide optional prenatal home visits in the 3rd trimester and before 37 weeks to prepare for your birth, discuss your birth choices and preferences, your spouse/partner’s supportive role, labor comfort measures and your postpartum time
  • provide an optional postpartum home visit scheduled after the birth to reflect on the birth and support your postpartum transition. 1 visit is included in the Doula birth support package which includes a 3 hours postpartum visit and a moment to reflect on the support and end our contract

So baby is coming..

Yay! You are pregnant! BUT... morning sickness has moved in. A pregnant woman’s body is going through so many hormonal and physical changes—it is no wonder we can feel queasy. And strangely, for something which affects so many women, there is surprisingly little research into what causes it and how to treat it.

Morning sickness is nausea that lasts usually for the first 12 weeks of pregnancy— but can last longer and be severe with vomiting. If it becomes very serious medical assistance (IV hydration and anti-nausea drugs) may be necessary for the safety of mother and baby.

From what I have seen as a doula & experienced myself as a mother - I know what works for one of us, might not work for another. So here is a list of things to try and I really hope one of them works for you!

1. Shiatsu or Reflexology

2. Ginger: Ginger comes in many forms: tea, tablets, candy, drinks, and essential oil. Try them all! One of them just might be your ticket! Personally I couldn't stand Ginger Ale, but Ginger chews worked wonders for me especially because in the beginning of my pregnancy i was flying out to Amsterdam a lot to spend time with my baby's father, I found i was more car seat, flight sickness kicked in and i was just full of nausea up until 5th month. Back in the UK i could get these in any Superdrug or Boots store. In the Netherlands; I have seen them in Kruidvat too, but you would most definitely find them in De Tuinen. Sometimes in De Tuinen they may suggest sickness bands too. I tried this myself and found it worked better (for me) combined with the chewies. However; as much as Ginger is a wonder, It is also a potent herb and you should check with your doctor or midwife before going heavy on higher doses of the stuff.

3. Vitamin B-6 & 12: this would be included in any decent pregnancy multi vitamin. De Tuinen and Etos both have a great selection of Pregnacare vitamins. Ask the differences if in doubt to make sure you are not overdoing it. If you find one has more quantity than the other, ask in-store. I found De Tuinen staff know more about the products they have in store and are very knowledgeable abut what they recommend. But DO check your vitamins before you double up and if in doubt ask your midwife or gynaecologist.

4. Eat little and often:  I turned into an eating machine! Like seriously! But, i couldn't eat a whole meal in one go with my morning sickness, so this advice worked for me. Especially towards the mid part of my pregnancy, i would sleep upright from heartburn and Gaviscon became my juice, until my mother mentioned to eat little and often. I had to bite throughout the day with a demanding job, in small quantities and frequently to top myself up otherwise i was out of energy so fast as my job demanded me to be on my feet mostly. Carry snacks such as nuts, dried fruit, edible seeds, cheese sticks. As a commuter to work, i found snacks helped me heaps! Especially when I couldn't estimate how long the journey was going to be. Try a protein rich diet with lots of fruit & veg and you can’t really go wrong.

5. Magnesium:  Pregnancy hormones slow magnesium absorption down. Magnesium plays a role in clearing cortisol (stress hormone which causes blood sugar spikes). Spikes in blood sugar can lead to nausea. In early pregnancy we can become deficient in this and other minerals.

The best things you can do for yourself during pregnancy are to eat well, rest well, get fresh air when you can and be kind to yourself. Learn to slow down, ask for help when needed and take it easy. Everything else will fall in place, the focus right now is on you and the little person you are growing.

Happy pregnancy! :-)