What some of the couple who have taken my courses say;

- 'Thank you so much for a lovely morning. I am feeling confident i can do this. We appreciate so much all the info you gave us' - Andra & Mike

- Thank you so much the amazing hypnobirthing sessions. Mark and i enjoyed them immensely and we both feel better prepared for the birth and know what role each will play (well, i mean, mine's obvious) but Mark feels better prepared to take on his - Trine & Mark


Choose the Birth Preparation for You not what is popular: 

There are many classes and methods used these days to prepare couples for childbirth. From Yoga, Meditation, Pilates, Mindfulness.. you name it. The priority however lies in the couple to find a preparation class that suits them. I have spoken to a few friends about HypnoBithing and mostly found even they were sceptical about what really HypnoBirthing was. Hypnobirthing is NOT new, it has been proven to be a more straightfoward and efficient way to gear yourself for whatever situation. 

Start Preparations Early

Because like anything else, giving birth should be prioritized as it is a big event in our lives and  getting ready involves going through a few sesions and practising time and time again. As couples i think we can really under-estimate how much preparation you need for childbirth, how much most of it will be down to you to be well informed, to make decisions and have a plan that works for you both. Birth is one of the most underrated life event that could have a profound impact for the rest of our lives and affects us forever, so why not prepare in advance and really be in tune with yourselves and ready for the event?

Get your birth team ready, discuss in advance what YOU want and prepare for the actual birth ahead of time. Every little idea and information that pops in your head during the pregnancy jot it down and speak about it with your careprovider and your birth team so you are all in the same knowledge

Photcredit: Alena Masselink 


Birth needs only faith and belief in yourself

* Do you want to have an empowering and fulfilling birth experience?

* Do you want to feel calm and confident?

* Do you want your birth partner to support you throughout and engage in the whole process?

My HypnoBirthing course is designed to give you all this and more! Other than the consecutive weekend sessions, I also give 4 hours intensive programme over ONE evening, providing you with all the key foundations of HypnoBirthing. By completing the course you will be able to approach your birth with excitement and confidence knowing you are well prepared to go through your labor calmly and positively.

Where? - I offer private courses in the comfort of your own home. I teach all over Leiden, Haarlem, Den Haag, Delft & I have taught in Amsterdam too

When? I recommend taking the course after week 20 of pregnancy, though some clients come to me when they're on maternity leave after 36 weeks. Its never too late to start HypnoBirth practice, you will still benefit from the teachings.

1-1 Sessions I teach weekdays evenings after 6pm either at my place of your own home. If you provide me with a 1-2 weeks window we can work dates that are more suitable to you.

What is the Best Format for Hypnobirthing?

I dont use a specific format. I like to do an all event or broader childbirth preparation sessions combined with hypnobirthig tips. Birth can be eventful and you cannot practice or prepare one way. I like to cover more areas than just breathing and visualizations. My sessions start from 4 sessions, 1 weekly from 32 weeks so that whatever we cover remains fresh in your head for the day. Some prepare early, some join later too, its all down to when you feel like starting to prepare.

Please email (upendodoula@gmail.com) or phone for availability. Last minute sessions can be arranged directly over the phone

You will learn:

* The 5 Cs together

* The importance of language

* The connection between fear and pain

* Why Hypnosis works so well for birth

* Specialised Hypnosis session - Releasing fear and building calmness

* Breathing exercises for deep relaxation

* How 'the system' that you find yourself in works, and how to work with it to achieve the best result for you

* Massage techniques for birth

* Visualisations and Affirmations and their advantage

* The important role of the birth partner

* Relaxation Scripts and Audios

* Birth preferences & Birth scenarios


What is in it for you?

I will touch on a few tips including; and much more than:

* Natural Childbirth - For those exploring options in Childbirth

* The Birth Process: Understand what we go through and help us not to fear

* Finding comfort : How to bear labor and birth easier

* Recognising your own perceptions about birth and how to unleash the strength within you to have a wonderful childbirth experience

* Following Birth - Postpartum care for both mother and baby


Does the fee cover both of us?

Yes. My package is per couples