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FLIP - 12/09/2015 - Amsterdam

My 1st Birth in Observation shift: And my first Hypnobaby that i witnessed born on a stool. Both parents were vicious! Mama knew what she was doing and very much in tune with her body. This birth actually made me train as a practitioner myself. I was very overwhelmed and honoured to have been allowed to be part of this birth!

Testimonials from parents:Thank you Naomie for being present and for giving us the moments. We were amazed at how your intuition worked with ours, in a sense that you knew when to come forth and when to let us be. You are amazing, your professionalism striked us both and future parents will be very lucky to have your support'

YAELLE - 12/09/2015 - Amsterdam

2nd Birth in Observation shift: When i met this young couple you could see how worried the mama was about what was coming. They hadn't discussed much in advance, so when she was introduced to me she asked me what was to come and could i honestly tell her? I said to her ' go with how you feel, if you feel you need to change position do, you know your body, it will guide you. If you feel something is not feeling right, say it but right now, concentrate on the birth, compose yourself and it will be alright. Little Yaelle almost came in the bathroom with mum in scooting position and papa holding the shower over mama. What a co-operation with these two. And i promised Oma i wont forget this little las!

Testimonials from parents: Seriously though.. why isn't this standard in hospitals when women give birth? I don't know how we would have done it without you! So glad you came today and i think the hospitals should think about this care overal in maternity wings'

Marwa - 12/09/2015 - Amsterdam

3rd Birth in Observation shift: I was introduced to this mama and her mother in the ward on an observation shift at OLVG West. Mama and grandma were very pleasant, loads of laughter in the room and after a long still birth before the end of my shift little Marwa emerged. Oma Afsaa said to me ' NOT to forget him'. He was edible and i still remember his little cute face now!

Testimonials from parents: 'Everytime i looked at you and saw you nod in agreement, i knew i was doing the right thing. It hurt like hell, but it was worth it and you helped me through it! Thank you Naomie, My family and I are very grateful' .Oma Afsaa ' Tenk you Naomie from the bottom of my heart!'

Postpartum Testimony April 2016 - Leiden

After my husband went back to work, hiring Naomie to help me during the postpartum period was the best decision. My husband would come home tired after work and he was helpful but i needed extra hands from someone who knew what they were doing. Naomie is a natural and she kept reminding me i didn't have to be a superwoman! Things will fall in place in time, to enjoy my baby and she definitely helped us bond as a family.Malika - 1st time mom

Ethan 12/04/2016 - Amsterdam

4th Birth in attendance. Whilst i stayed up chatting with my brother on the phone, at one point i said to my brother let me sleep incase the mama i am supporting calls me as she is approaching her due date. That was at 12.20am. I went to bed straight away after a shower.

Up and behold, the clients partner was on the phone to me at 2.20am, he said she looked 'different', she looked very focused and he was sure something was happening. I woke up my fiance (then) and said to him my lady has gone into labor, i am heading to her now. I don't think he grasped what i had told him as he grunted, mumbled something, turned the other way and continued to sleep :-) Both kids were fast asleep. I went downstairs, checked my bag was by the door, called up the taxi, sent a whatsapp mesage to my babysitter who fortunately lives 10 minutes bike ride away from me, and asked her to be at my house for 7am to get my daughter ready for school

Mama was fierce, and his papa took all the tips i had shared during our previous meetings. He was a super daddy-doula! He kept calm even from the initial phone call, the updates as i kept asking him 'and how are you handling the situation still make me smile. Because his response was always; ' Me? I am cool :-) Welcome little Ethan! Born on my own brother's birthday, i wont forget it!

Testimonial from parents:

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SOPHIE - 12/06/2016 - Leiden

5th Birth - This birth was very VERY empowering even for me as the doula. The father was AMAZING! He was very keen during the birth prep sessions i gave them and was very keen to stay in tune with his wife's surges. His statement was always 'its better if we sail together through it babe, together we can :-). What amazing parents dear Sophie you are born to!

Testimonials from Parents:There is no way on this earth i could imagine doing that alone! Your presence meant a lot for us and our memories of you are only full of fondness, gratitude and admiration' Thank you!

YEMARIYAM - 27/07/2016 - Katwijk

6th Birth and what an eventful birth this was!. Absolutely unexpected, as no one knew whe 'would' have to be born literally the day after! The day before was a normal appointment which revealed there was not enough fluid around her and mama had to be induced. She was strong willed though and went through all the worries, fears and hope. Later this day baby girl was born earth side, and Goodness!! She was edible!!

Testimonial from Parent: Thank you for everything!

BOAZ - 28/07/2016 - Amsterdam

7th Birth.. literally the morning after litttle Yemariyam's birth! I was on a roll and so humbled I could attend all the births one after another!

My babysitter is an angel, she is so available to me and my family, its amazing. So she was booked the 3rd row that week. Received a call on my way to the hospital to see yesterday evening's mama off as she was being discharged that morning. So quickly i did a detour. As soon as i stepped out the bus, checked 9292 there was a train in 3 minutes. whoopy! Good to always have credit on the OV-Chip card as you can sprint for a train without having to wait in line to buy a ticket! So in i went, taking the stairs in trees.. i caught it! I sat down, called the mama to say i have been called to another birth, i will make an appointment for postpartum though

...and to cut a long story short; after a long stroll in the park, a stroll back home, she started feeling heavy. I take a photo of her in the park and she says, 'I feel this is the last day I will have a bump'. We continue walking home. Contractions kick in almost instantly we arrive back home. Gospel music, we are praising together, mama goes into a buble, connects with her baby and then changes position

OMG! little boy emerges shortly after in mamas bedroom. She had doubt she wouldn't achieve it.. but she DID! I am in awe, everyone has watery eyes in the room.. beautiful home birth. Welcome little man!  

Testimonial from mama:

JOSHUA - 29/07/2016 - Leiden

8th Birth! Little Joshua marked another marathon of babies in my practice. It was one after another birth as i prepared to go away on my mimi-honeymoon. With months and moths of planning a wedding, fitting appointments with these three mamas and even getting back-up Doulas just incase i missed any of the births, it just turned out i was present at all of their births! When Joshua's mama called this morning and asked 'have you left? If not would YOU come please? I feel 'iffy'.

She wasn't joking either! What an entrance you made earth side, and i could travel and smile the whole journey away, and enjoy the blissful moments of my married life with my family. Thank you for making the begining of it 'extra special Joshua!

Testimonials from parents:Thank you Naomie. You are one of a kind! Your a woman who can function all round, with so much to do your own end, how you provided the care you did to us is unbelieveably amazing. We are trully grateful

ANAIS MILENA 15/11/2016 - Leiden

9th Birth! Very satisfied. Naomie empowered us, helping in dealing with the contractions when we needed it. Protecting our environment, taking over the role of the birth partner when it was needed, giving us space and helped us to stay connected

ARSIEMA 28/11/2016 - Uterecht

10th Birth! Naomie was very helpful with so much knowledge for us. She helped with education before birth to prepare us, gave advice and confidence. Naomie is Natural and gives confidence with books and example. She coached me on breathing and reminded my husband to support me too. She stayed until baby was born. She massaged me. A Very kind and helpful woman

NINON 4/12/2016 - Leiden

Anaïs Glm mother of Ninon reviewed Upendo Doula - Pregnancy & Birth Doula Services — 5 star

ELEVENTH BIRTH! Thank you Naomie for the wonderful work you did for us. I felt completely relax and at ease. I think Doulas should be advised for every mum-to-be. I am a very anxious person with a lot of question and I think I had a more peaceful pregnancy than for my two first sons. Day and night she was available to answer to my questions and reassure me when I was doubting. I enjoyed a lot what we shared when I gave birth. It went fast, thanks to the tips, massages and exercises we did together just before the delivery. It went fast and I will keep beautiful memories of that special day. I had the delivery I dreamed of :)

TAJI - 2nd/ May / 2017 - Leiderdorp

My 12th Birth! Your mama; Wendy Kimani prepared for a hypnobirth at home and achieved it! She was fierce and so was your dad. Your birth brought so much joy. At home! Welcome to the world little man

Cas - 29th July 2017: Merenwijk

Cas was one of the babies born to a couple i supported with Hypnobirthing and Childbirth preparation sessions. It was humbling when the mother emailed me her birth story and expressed how very pleased they both were that they followed my course! This is what she said; ''We enjoyed your birth preparation sessions! What I appreciated most was your attention to the whole picture. How my partner and I interacted and can interact with each other and how we feel about the birth proces, and also our daughter's position. The explanation of massage techniques and positions was clear as well as the hypnobirthing idea. I listened to a couple of the files afterwards. We felt at ease with your warm personality and liked the way you interacted with our daughter''

After the birth she contacted me again with feedback: I gave birth to Cas on Saturday, the 29th of July. We're all doing fine, although we are tired off course.
The birth went very well. We could really use your tips. Although it was though, the delivery was manageble. I didn't panic and was kind of able to relax until the end. It seemed less painfull then the first time and much shorter. We are very happy we took your course. I think it made me feel more relaxed and prepaired and Joost more involved and prepared. And we did use a lot of the tips and techniques. Thank you very much for that!

Nancy - Thursday 26th October - Alrijne

13th Doula baby was Nancy! Mama achieved a VBAC and can tell a different story. The support from her father was amazing as he stood solid through it all. Both mama and baby are doing so well, enjoying their postpartum period, cocooning and bonding. I was honoured to have been asked to cut the cord at her birth and dress her up also before she was presented to her extended family in hospital. Welcome little meisje!

Philip: - October 20/2017 - Scheveningen - Den Haag

Joseph: 29/11/2017 - Bronovo - The Hague

Elijah - February 12/2018 - Home Birth - Leiderdorp

RUSSELL - 16/12/2017 - LUMC , Leiden

SCOUT - 26/01/2018 - Haga Ziekenhuis - Den Haag

Adele - May 2018 - Lumc

Quentin - May 2018 - Homebirth - Oegstgeest

Maria Gabriella - June 2018 - Amphia Hospital Breda