My name is Naomie Karemi KAINGU. I am a native Kenyan/British Citizen living in the Netherlands for almost 6 years now, and in Leiden for 4 years. I am a mother of 2 (6 year old Daughter & a 4 year old Son), married my Dutch King December 2016. I am a certified Birth & Postpartum Doula, Certified Hypnobirth Practitioner, and a certified Postnatal Maternity Nurse. My background is in care, where I spent 9.5 years within the NHS (National Health Service) back in UK in various departments including Women health, Drs. Surgery, Maternity, Colorectal Surgery, Anticoagulation & Haemophilia and Paediatrics Department within the Infectious Diseases and Immunology Department.

As a certified birth Doula and a Hypnobirth Practitioner, I bring vast experience and knowledge into mothering the mothers and the family at large. My continued personal development/trainings ensure that my trainings are current and accredited as they should be

As your doula, my role is determined by what support you need from me. I am available to provide continuous support during pregnancy, at birth and the postnatal period to you and your husband/partner. To hold space for you and your partner/husband, availing myself when needed and to provide more intimate and meaningful care for you.

My supporting you does not hinder or interfere with the support from your own partner/husband. I work mostly with the fathers to bring you both in tune and open communication as you prepare.

I am a certified member of the Dutch association for doula’s (NBvD). The NBvD stands for the quality and continuity of personal support of the pregnant woman and her partner.


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Naomie is more than your average Doula!

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She teaches Hypnobirthing childbirth classes and provides full spectrum support all around Leiden, Amsterdam, Den Haag and anywhere else her support is needed. 

What you can expect from me is;

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Support from a Doula who definitely doesn't 'know it all'. I haven't lived long enough to know it all. With my experience as a Doula, I have witnessed births at home and the hospital, natural, assisted, C-sectioned and every labor and birth has taught me something new. If you are looking for someone to guide, to be present, to walk the journey with you through your pregnancy, birth and the postpartum then you have come to the right place

I provide comprehensive Doula support customized to you. Every couple is different and therefore i do not provide a 'one package fits all' kind of support. I have met couples who were very informed and others just wait to see what happens. Others very inquisitive and some quite laid back. I will definitely inform, Motivate, Support, Prepare, Inspire, Offer skills and help you Relax for a positive Birth experience

I spend hours of my time, love, passion, over 15 years of ongoing trainings, work experience, accumulated wisdom and insight, into my work and supporting you.  My support to you is worth more than you will put a price on it, as i really go through the process with you without timings

I will guide you to realize that birth needs no fear. You will learn to surrender, to trust your body, to use your intuition, to understand the impact of pain and the need to surrender during the birth process.

* I will get to know you first (1st appointment non-binding): Before your birthing time comes and even before you choose to make the doula client relationship official, we will meet face-to-face. It will also enable me as your doula to get to know you and vice-versa.

*Know your options & be informed: It’s important to know that hiring a doula doesn’t guarantee a specific medical outcome, but knowing that you have a trusted ally by your side can make all the difference emotionally. My aim is to make sure that regardless of your birth outcome, you are confident to say it was a birth for you and still be content of your birth experience

* I will listen to you: As your Doula my support and relationship to you is one that is non-judgmental. I would like to know what your worries are and thoughts way before labor itself. Whether you need to vent, share a worry or excitement, as your doula I will be a phone call/email away. Reach out as much as possible

* I will guide you on what to expect in labor: Long before you are in labor, we will talk through what the day of your birth will look like, step-by-step. We will discuss when to call your midwife and when to call me. We will talk about the moment your waters break, how to know you are in real labor and how to know when it is time to go to the hospital so you don’t make a journey too early or too late.

* I will guide your husband/boyfriend/partner on his role for your birth. Most men are overwhelmed with all the information to do with the bump and beyond. My teaching aid is easy to follow in preparation. It is more engaging, educative and connecting for you as a couple.

My motto is: It’s YOUR BABY-YOUR BIRTH. I will be around to honour and preserve your Birth experience


My Doula packages includes but not limited to;

  • Up-to-date information for you and your partner, to help you make informed decisions along the way

Physical support:

  • massage
  • Rebozo techniques
  • relaxation techniques using Hypnobirthing tips
  • breathing techniques

Emotional support:

  • During labor I will be in your presence holding space whilst providing you assurance and encouragement
  • Help processing previous birth experiences (if you have had a baby before)
  • I will guide you on how to get your medical team to work with you and your hopes/wishes
  • Visualization and Affirmation tips
  • Making sure your partner rests when he should
  • Practical tips for labor and a smooth transition into motherhood
  • Birth plan preparation

Information Support: I will bring aboard information for referencing and further education in good time before the birth. Most of the handouts i bring are Evidence Based

Lending Library: I have books that you can borrow to read in your own time. I also have a TENS machine that you can borrow. I only ask that you replace the used rods

Still Concerned?

It is very normal to feel hesitant about using the services of a birth doula. However, please be assured that my role as your doula is to listen and support whatever your choice of birth may be. Be it a C-Section, birth with pain relief, natural birth. My presence will be to support your choice, regardless. 

Company name: UpendoDoula

Kamer van Koophandel Number ( Chamber of Commerce Registration Number) KVK 65583973


I have taken numerous trainings to get me to where i am at. A complete list is for my potential clients handed with my proposal

March 2017 - I met Dr Michel Odent and Liliana Lammers in Amsterdam and later in the year in Zutphen

July 2017 - CERTIFIED Doula! Both as a Birth Doula and Postpartum Doula too!

Wednesday 5th July I certified as a Doula in the Netherlands! :-). It was already two years since I started training so to finally finish the requirements was very exciting. Thank you to all my clients who gave me the opportunity to support and witness their births, and to my husband, babysitter and friends for stepping in when i needed childcare for the very early or very late births I had to attend.

What does me certifying mean though to you? Find out when you book me, its very exciting!



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                                                   Certified member of the Postnatal Support Network   

Recognised and registered member of the Doula organisation