You are probably wondering when exactly is a good time to contact and hire a Doula, and what happens afterwards?

As Doulas we all work differently offering different kinds of support too. At Upendo, after you have had your 20-week ultrasound, is a good time to make contact (20-24 week gestational age) to arrange an appointment for an informal chat with your question list at your home. The first appointment is non-binding (FREE). I have had couples contact me though from when they test positive, so please do if you want to chat in advance of time.

When we meet we can explore if there is a connection and enough trust to continue working together. The first meeting gives me the opportunity to get to know you (both), the kind of support you are looking for, your preferences and any concerns you may have regarding your pregnancy and birth.

After our meeting , i would email you a proposal/contract you can then decide if you would like to proceed with my services by signing it and sending it back elecronically. Once i have received your signed form back, I will block my availability on my agenda and email you further dates to choose for our next appointments/prenatals.

Because i want to give you all the time and attention throughout my support,orting you I only take TWO clients a month. One appointment will be with my backup so that she is not a stranger when life happens my end, on the day of your labor and birth



Intake: At around 24-26 weeks of your pregnancy after you have returned your signed contract and i have blocked my agenda for your due date; we will have a second appointment in the comfort and privacy of your own home where we will discuss in more detail your expectations concerning the birth and your birth wishes overal. With this informaton i will prepare to support you in detail and we will end the appointment with follow-up appointments

Birthing Basics:
At around 28-30 weeks of your pregnancy, we will meet again at home and we will cover Birth Preparation in detail. This session usually lasts 2.5 - 3 hours long. It will be our FIRST birth preparation session together focusing on not only preparation but whatever else you may have overlooked yourselves. I will bring lots of practical tips and exercises to help prepare your body for pregnancy and giving birth. I have a book with information that i lend out particularly for the partners as it is written in clear language without the 'medical jargon' as one partner said to me after lending it to them

Birth Plan:
At around 30-32 weeks, we will discuss your Birth preferences. I will send you a Birth plan example that you can use to outline your birth plan (personal preferences). During this session I explain all of your options to help you construct the best possible birth plan incorporating your personal choices and preferences. You will take the plan with you to your midwife to discuss in detail your preferences. Based on that appointment, we will amend the plan and finalise it for your medical records at the midwives and make a few copies for your hospital bag and one copy will be with me when i attend your birth

Meeting my backup: At around 34-36 weeks, you will meet my back up doula Nancy Hart from Mijn Doula Hart. Together we will cover one birth preparation session so that she is not a stranger on your birthing day should life happen my end. In this appointment we would cover Comfort Measures together and Nancy will contribute to the appointment. Because this will be an 'active appointment', it is best if your partner/husband is present to try a few movements and practice together.

PostPartum Prep: At around 38 weeks of your pregnancy we will cover the postpartum period in detail. We will talk about how to prepare for your rest during this period and what to expect from the first night after birth. If there are other children, I will give you tips on how to incorporate them within the family unit following the birth of a sibling from day one

Unlimited Support by Telephone, Whatsapp or Email:
I am available to offer assistance to you from the second visit up until two weeks after the birth of your child by telephone. You can call me during office hours so between 9:00am – 6:00pm for help or quick questions. You can also email me and I will reply as soon as i can. I am more easy on Whatsapp, so that might be the best option for contact. Should there be a need for medical assistance, your first call will be with your care provider (GP, Gynaecologist or your Midwife)

On Call:
Starting from week 38 through to week 42, I will be on call 24 hours/7 days a week and will be present at your labour within 1 hour (of being given notice).

The packages in detail:

I have different packages available to choose. Normally i would send you a proposal online with 3 choices which you can then go through together with your partner/husband, tick the one that applies to your needs and send it back. It is an online format and straightforward.

  1. Standard Package: is well balanced, comprising of a more sensible amount of appointments which cover enough aspects of preparation and hospital appointments.
  2. Comprehensive Package: is the most popular of my packages because it consists of more and longer appointments with a choice to pick & mix extras too like a foot massage, body massage, Moxa combustion. The birth preparation sessions within this package (Comprehensive Package) include HypnoBirthing tips where you will receive MP3s to listen to at home and together we will practice different breathing variations beforehand. This package includes a Newborn photoshoot afterwards too with the lovely Alena Masselink. You will receive 5 digital pictures with the photoshoot for your keepsake. Supermums, without a partner, are advised to choose the Luxurious Package for these extra sessions (e.g. a midwife or hospital visit or doing comfort measures together). The packages will give you all the tools you need to prepare yourself and to be confident with your pregnancy, giving birth and the post partum period.
  3. Last Minute Package: is an ideal package for when you decide last minute you would like to have a doula at your side when giving birth. The packages, with the exception of the last minute package all include birth preparation sessions at home beforehand. During labour I will support you by giving you the confidence and assurance needed in this process to find your own strength and abilities.
  4. Customized Package:With this package you pick and mix what suits you and with the right price tag also. Some couples are ok with less appointments as they prepare themselves and others prefer to have more appointments before the birth but only one standard Postpartum visit. With the Customized package we go through what really applies to your need for a Doula than a pre-made package.

Please remember: I do not perform any medical assessments, no medical actions and i do not treat your medical conditions. As this falls under the responsibility of your midwife or doctor, I would refer you back to your care giver. My supporting you is always in conjunction with a prior meeting (Prenatals & to discuss your birth plan) and a meeting during the post partum period (to review your birth).