• Many times when i have worked with couples, i get asked if i know xyz services within Leiden or surroundings. Sometimes i have the answer and other times not. So i made contact with a few other services linked with Pregnancy and Birth within the area and here is a small compilation of services i hope will be useful to you (if you are searching). I have contact with them and therefore offer my honest recommendation to you. If you book them through me you will get a special price, otherwise you can go directly to their websites and read more about what they offer etc

Music therapy and Baby Massage Classes

Pregnancy & New-born Photoshoot

Sleep Consulting

Cloths Nappy Consultant

Additional resources out of Leiden and online:

Birth Rights

GeboorteBeweging “Birth Movement” is a network of birth professionals and parents who are passionate about supporting families. They assist them with information to have the freedom to give birth how, where and with whom they want. www.geboortebeweging.nl

Leiden Mamas on facebook provides info, services and events for parents. A great way to meet other parents on one platform

Amsterdam Mamas on facebook, provides info, services and events for parents www.amsterdam-mamas.nl

Roadmap to having a baby in the Netherlands a mini guide to pregnancy birth and beyond in The Netherlands – of great help for expats! www.amaridoula.com

Kraam Doula - After Kraam Support

Now.. I love this woman. Her ways are so motherly, caring, gentle and she has a very comforting aura about her, that i am honored even to mention her to my clients and here on my page. Doula Jana Suraya supports families to settle after the Kraamzorg days are over in and around Leiden. With Aryuveda meals she helps you recover from birth and build your strength. Her focus is on the whole family. She is a lovely lady, caring and witty as well. She is trained and certified in Postnatal Support and is sure to guide you on the right path of adjusting into motherhood and parenthood. Jana can be contacted on: surabika@gmail.com

The Hospitals in and around Leiden! 

Alrijne Ziekenhuis

Alrijne Hospital is in Leiderdorp. Personally i LOVE LOVE this hospital. My love for the hospiatl started 4 years ago when i met a young pediatrician with my crying baby and i was an exhausted mother who was very convinced my baby had reflux and having been turned down by many drs who believed he was just overfeeding.. this young pediatrician believed me! He admitted my son, started him on medication immediately and i was ordered to go home AND sleep. He was my savior because i was at my witts end!

Following my visit back there two weeks ago with a client at the Verloskunde Afdeling.. i felt at home. The team from Obstetrics Nurses, Gynaecologists, Midwives.. they are warmly, their aura so calm and 'human' as my client said and they are the most gentle medical team i have worked with! The kind of hospital you want to give birth in, where you are assured, taken care, mothered even within their shifts and just general 'gezelligheid' as they say in Dutch :-)