Prepare for a positive birth, don't just wish for one. Optimise your chances to achieving the birth for YOU by making contact for birth Preparation Sessions. My combined preparation sessions get you ready for any birth.  As we know birth is eventful, preparation is vital. My sessions are not one direction,  we will cover areas that will open your mind , engage you as a couple and get both of you ready for the big day.

The main aim of the sessions is to guide you on relaxation, breathing variations and trust. To learn to trust your body and know what to do instinctively because 'belief' and trust creates confidence, which is what you need on the day of your birth. My Thoughtful Childbirth course utilises materials I have sourced from different means. On here you will find details regarding the cost, schedule, course content, location and contact information. Should you need to ask anything then please by all means email me directly I will be more than happy to answer your questions beforehand

Why choose me?

I am not only a certified Doula, I am a doula with extensive experience within the healthcare system. I have worked with couples from all walks of life, and diversities as well. My approach is hands-off; letting you stay on top of the process, to walk beside you and not infront of you and to really relay the important information without overshadowing your aspirations or influencing your decision

I decided to combine different methods i have learned (from Doula trainings and Hypnobirthing) and blended it with my extensive experience from having taught couples, attended births and what i am still learning, to customize packages for you. Therefore; I will help you to

  • Understand the process
  • Anticipate your needs and plan to get them met
  • Learn pain coping techniques
  • Understand your choices, so that you are informed
  • Support your partner
  • Troubleshoot challenges

Awesome experience

''As new parents we didn't know what to expect when we signed up for hypno-birthing classes. It turned out to be the perfect experience for us. Naomie was energetic, dedicated, knowledgeable and a super awesome person! Thanks again Naomie for your great guidance, and sincere interest in us. - M Onderwater

Childbirth Classes

I hold regular childbirth preparation classes locally, in the comfort of your own home. I aim to provide you with comprehensive preparation course for labor, birth and beyond.   

Course instruction includes:

Maintaining a Healthy Pregnancy
Understanding the Birth Process
Making Thoughtful Decisions
Finding Comfort for Your Labor
Preparation for Parenthood and Breastfeeding

Coupled with easy illustrated books for you to refer to on a wider aspect of life with the bump and life beyond with a newborn


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Childbirth Preparation Sessions: In the comfort of your own home : contact me for your customized package

My Childbirth Preparation Sessions will leave you ready, informed and confident to achieve the birth you want. Contact me for more information!

Prepare together for the birth of your baby. 

Why attend a childbirth class as a couple? Because Education is key to having a good birth! When you attend together you will learn so much as a couple. Your husband/Partner doesn’t have to attend but he will be very glad he did, because most fathers are normally sceptical in the beginning. They tend to leave a session extremely enthusiastic though  . It is beneficial when you attend together, listen to the facts and the logic, learn and understand how important the information is and understand further the difference your partner or birth companion can make knowing his position and what is expected of him. 

Normally the position of a father at a birth is of someone who is nervous, feeling responsible for the situation 'she is in', holding her hand and wishing he could help, but not knowing what to do. My course is aimed at preparing him so he can support you as you both birth your baby 

A father is a huge asset in the birthing room, and many mothers say, ‘I couldn’t have done it without him.’  And so i work to bring the men in the know, in the circle to understanding their position so that you can both birth in harmony with each other that day

When you plan together, share your views, concerns and aims it will not only bring you closer, he (your husband/partner) will know he has played an important part in how his baby entered the world.  This in return will deepen your relationship as a couple, and his relationship with his child


My Doula Packages and Birth Preparation Sessions may be reimbursed through your insurance. Please check directlt with them that they would cover the costs and how much. The reimbursement amount depends on your chosen package through your pregnancy.

How come its covered?

Not all Doula's meet the conditions that the insurers make for reimbursement. To get reimbursed even for your Doula support;

* the Doula has to be a certifed and recognized Doula through the Dutch Proffesional Association for Doulas - NBvD.

* The doula has to be registered with the Chamber of Commerce - KVK

* the doula has to be vetted through the 'care providers system' and granted a AGB code - which is a providers code

So when you book me, your invoice will have my AGB code to send to your insurer for your reimbursement! I am not only certified, i belong to the organisation and made sure to cover all the requirements above :-)

Basic Birth Preparation

210 x2 Sessions 2hrs

There are so many things you can learn about giving birth, but there are many couples who just need the basics - no hassling around, no overwhleming facts about a trillion things. This session is for the couple who are in the know already and just want to cover different topics they haven't covered themselves, and JUST what they want to know

* Physiology of Birth

* Stages of Labor
- Comfort Measures and Positions

* Birth plans assistance

Birth Prep Package 2

   280 x2 Sessions 3hrs

This session will empower you to know what your body is telling you in labor, birth, and postpartum. 

* Physiology of Birth

*Hypnobirthing tips

* Stages of Labor 
- Creating Your Support

- Birth Partner Preparation

* Birth plan assistance

More than Birth Preparation

  380 x3 Sessions 3hrs

This session will empower you to know what your body is telling you in labor, birth, and postpartum. 

* Physiology of Birth

* Stages of Labor 

- Comfort Measures and Positions
- Creating Your Support Team and Birth Partner Preparation

* Pre-Birth checklists
* Birth plan assistance

* Hypnobirthing Tips including MP3s which will be emailed separately

Birth Preparation PLUS Doula Support

Includes 15% off at 960

Combination of: More than Birth Preparation Package and Standard Doula Support


* Attending x2 midwife appointments

* Extra Postpartum Support Appointment after your Kraamzorg has left

Thoughtful Childbirth Course Content

In addition to these topics, classes may also include videos, hands on activities and time for relaxation practice. Weekly assignments may include exercise, relaxation, tracking your diet and fitness, and possibly reading or research. The more you put into the classes, the more you’ll get out of them!

Thoughtful Decisions

We will explore what it means to make thoughtful decisions regarding pregnancy and birth and why this is important.

We will discuss attitudes and beliefs about birth and factors that influence those beliefs. We will explore the many choices you have for your birth experience and how to evaluate your goals and priorities.

You will learn practical steps to help you establish your goals and preferences. We will discuss positive ways to communicate your preferences and provide you with tools to help in the decision-making process, including applying the process to real-life scenario

Prenatal Wellness

We will explore important nutrition, fitness and lifestyle choices that can help you have the healthiest pregnancy possible.

We will spend time evaluating current choices and brainstorm ways to improve where needed.

We will discuss the important of stress reduction during pregnancy and practice exercises that can help prepare your body for birth.

Finding Comfort


We will discuss the complex interaction between the mind and body during labor and review ways to minimize labor pain and increase the efficiency of labor contractions.

We will spend time practicing various positions for labor and birth, visualizations/scripts and comfort techniques together as a couple.

We will discuss the medical options for pain relief, including narcotics and epidural anesthesia.

The Birth Process

We will explore the anatomy, physiology, behaviors and emotions of labor and birth in each stage.

We will discuss the influences that lead to the start of labor, take a look at the characteristics of each stage, and help partners brainstorm ways that they can provide support at each stage. We will also explore variations that can occur during labor and discuss steps you can take to evaluate the necessity for intervention.

We will discuss cesarean sections; the process, the options and the recovery. In addition, we will discuss ways that may reduce the likelihood of needing one.

Following the Birth

We will spend time discussing postpartum adjustments, physical recovery and emotions, including ways to set boundaries and help lower the stress of this time as much as possible. We will discuss newborn care practices as well as typical newborn abilities and physical characteristics. Infused in these topics are tips to make this transitional time go as smoothly as possible. We will also include a discussion of breastfeeding basics: benefits, latch, how to tell if baby is getting enough and where to find support and resources