What is Bereavement Support and what does a bereavement doula do?

A Bereavement Doula assists with pregnancy-related grief and bereavement. As a full spectrum Doula, she will support you through a loss, through challenging feelings after a miscarriage, stillbirth, abortion, unplanned outcome, adoption process and other complex factors too. I recognise that grief has its own timeline and that it may linger not only unexpectedly but may also be indefinite, so i stay and keep contact throughout till you are confident.

One of the births i was a Doula at

Little girl Maria Gabriella was born in Breda in June 2018. Her parents contacted me specifically for this support and i attended till she was born earth side. This here is her story and how she came to meet her parents and little brother spark.adobe.com/page/SKO23OwNCX1VG/

The Birth of Maria Gabriella

The birth of Adele

The second birth I supported

Baby Adele was born sleeping in May 2018. Her parents and brother were eager to meet her, she was too precious to stay. This here is her story


A little Moses basket i personally made for baby Maria Gabriella, born at 17 weeks + 6 days

Who is Bereavement Support for?

If you have arrived at this page as a parent going through loss, I am so sorry. It is sad that there is a need for a service like this, but i can't imagine not having someone else to talk to during a tough moment and especially like this. I am trained and certified to support in this moment.

How much do i charge? It really depends when you contact me. I dont have a package to cover this per se, but i ask that my costs to come to you are compensated if you contact me purely for this support. I would send you a proposal after our first meeting and then send it back to me once you have decided

Please do not hesitate to contact me directly by email : upendodoula@gmail.com

Resources for your planning:

Debora Rochon Chappa is a Condolence Note Coach based in America. She guides you in writing well-written sympathy notes for your friedns, loved ones who are grieving. Her website is:  http://condolencecoach.blogspot.com

Further information will come shortly as i wait for my certificate as a Bereavement Doula to come forth

Books that may come handy

  1. Perinatal Loss - Sheila Broderick & Ruth Cochrane - Amazon
  2. Grieving the child I never knew - Kathe Wunnenberg - Amazon

Older Children / Subsequent Children

  • A Letter from Heaven—Steve Butler and We Do Remember You—Steve Butler
  • Helping Children Grieve: When Someone They Love Dies—Theresa Huntley

For Fathers:

From Father to Father - Emily R. Long

Online Resources:

  1. Stillbirth and infant Loss Support Group -  www.facebook.com/groups/362289933868253/
  2. Stillbirthday - www.stillbirthday.com