What is Bereavement Support and what does a bereavement doula do?

I am so sorry you have had the need to click on this category on my website. As a newly bereaved parent (s) I understand you will be facing loads of difficult conversations in your traumatic time. Bereavement can be lonely and you may struggle to find others who understand the confusing feelings, overwhelming emotions you are experiencing.

As newly bereaved parents I hope this information will help you make an informed choice to decide what is best for you and your family. There are quite some things to plan around loss that can be overwhelming.

What is bereavement support? Bereavement support is for any who is going through a loss of any magnitude. Be it a miscarriage, a stillbirth, a difficult diagnosis

Who benefits from it? Anyone and everyone going through loss. It is very sad that a service like should be needed, but very humbling when it is asked/requested for, because it can be emotionally overwhelming and having someone to walk the journey with you would somewhat make the experience bearable

How would a bereavement Doula help? There are many things to plan around loss and having someone trained in the kind of care you may be looking for would bring so much comfort. Sometimes when loss happens, your immediate families may not be the ‘right’ people to provide you the support you need. That is where a bereavement Doula comes in. Bereavement Doulas are trained to support couples in all outcomes of pregnancies particularly loss

Bereavement Doulas can help you in areas you may overlook yourselves. A bereavement Doula could help you plan, prepare and support you after until you are comfortable to continue yourselves

A Bereavement Doula assists with pregnancy-related grief and bereavement. As a full spectrum Doula, she will support you through a loss, through challenging feelings after a miscarriage, stillbirth, abortion, unplanned outcome, adoption process and other complex factors too. I recognise that grief has its own timeline and that it may linger not only unexpectedly but may also be indefinite, so i stay and keep contact throughout till you are confident.

One of the births i was a Doula at

Little girl Maria Gabriella was born in Breda in June 2018. Her parents contacted me specifically for this support and i attended till she was born earth side. This here is her story and how she came to meet her parents and little brother spark.adobe.com/page/SKO23OwNCX1VG/

The Birth of Maria Gabriella

The birth of Adele

The second birth I supported

Baby Adele was born sleeping in May 2018. Her parents and brother were eager to meet her, she was too precious to stay. This here is her story


A little Moses basket i personally made for baby Maria Gabriella, born at 17 weeks + 6 days

Who is Bereavement Support for?

If you have arrived at this page as a parent going through loss, I am so sorry. It is sad that there is a need for a service like this, but i can't imagine not having someone else to talk to during a tough moment and especially like this. I am trained and certified to support in this moment.

How much do i charge? It really depends when you contact me. I dont have a package to cover this per se, but i ask that my costs to come to you are compensated if you contact me purely for this support. I would send you a proposal after our first meeting and then send it back to me once you have decided

Please do not hesitate to contact me directly by email : upendodoula@gmail.com

Resources for your planning:

Debora Rochon Chappa is a Condolence Note Coach based in America. She guides you in writing well-written sympathy notes for your friedns, loved ones who are grieving. Her website is:  http://condolencecoach.blogspot.com

Further information will come shortly as i wait for my certificate as a Bereavement Doula to come forth

Books that may come handy

  1. Perinatal Loss - Sheila Broderick & Ruth Cochrane - Amazon
  2. Grieving the child I never knew - Kathe Wunnenberg - Amazon

Older Children / Subsequent Children

  • A Letter from Heaven—Steve Butler and We Do Remember You—Steve Butler
  • Helping Children Grieve: When Someone They Love Dies—Theresa Huntley

For Fathers:

From Father to Father - Emily R. Long

Online Resources:

  1. Stillbirth and infant Loss Support Group -  www.facebook.com/groups/362289933868253/
  2. Stillbirthday - www.stillbirthday.com