All my sessions can be booked and customized according to your needs. You can choose a combined package or a package on its own, a childbirth sessions with or without Doula Support, Postpartum Recovery sessions alone or with massages, Belly binding.. everything is possible. Send an email or whatsapp during the get-to-know-you moment and let us see together where you are at and where else we need to look at to finalize your support planning

Birth with Confidence x3 sessions, Pick the dates/days - daytime or evenings

This is a combination of preparation put together to empower you to know what your body is telling you in labor and the birth. The sessions are spread over 3 weeks to give you enough time to find your ground as you focus on the coming birth. The sessions will inform your partner on what to expect during the process so that he can support you in the most efficient way possible. Build confidence, reduce fear, and leave you both feeling ready to birth your baby.

We will look at, amongst other topics:

- Physiology of Birth
- Stages of Labor
- Comfort Measures and Positions PLUS - Creating Your Support Team
- Common Medical Interventions and Why Are They Used ...
- Informed Consent and Knowing Your Rights as a Parent

- With every session we will include Hypnobirthing and Breathing tips

WHERE? Venue to be agreed upon number of registrations

OPTIONS? Group Sessions & Private sessions in the comfort of your own home

HOW MUCH ? - Group Sessions are EUR 280 per couple (maximum of 6 couples) AND                              - Private Sessions 1-1 are EUR 380 (Incl 21% BTW, Payment plan of TWO payments and slidding scale Packages possible)

Virtual/Digital Doula Support

Maybe you need the support, but distance doesn't allow, and sometimes you only need the support to prepare without personal contact or presence on the day itself? That is also fine. I decided to offer this package as i support women not only in the Netherlands but also back in my country Kenya. It made sense to add it to my packages as support even virtually can make a difference.

How much does it cost?

60 minutes - 65

120 minutes - 130

250 minutes - 195

360 minutes - 260

480 minutes - 325

All costs exclude 21% BTW

I can’t wait to speak with you! Naomie

Sibling Doula Services - 385 - on call for you day and night

If you are an Expat, you would agree it is a challenge to find an individual to provide safe, nurturing support to your other children while you are in labor; especially if you are laboring during the night. Even if you are not an Epat too, transitioning from one child to another immediately can be overwhelming without the extra support to help you do it. At the moment during labor, your focus should be on the labor and on each other as a couple. Older children can be included but if they are young and you risk being distracted, it makes sense to have someone else step in so you can focus your attention on the labor

As a sibling doula I provide continuous, gentle support for your older children, enabling your birth partner to surround you with uninterrupted support as you labor. If you desire to have your child present while you are birthing, I can provide gentle, child-friendly explanations of what is happening, and help make the experience as comfortable as possible for older siblings and for yourselves the first few hours after birth as you adjust and tune in to your new role

Contact me if you would like this service. There's more to this package that you would find out when you make contact. I look forward to hearing from you

Birth in Readiness - One Afternoon 13:00hrs - 16:30

Childbirth education can make a big difference in the experiences and outcome of your child’s birth.

This mini workshop will give you an idea of the need for childbirth education followed in a class. With my curriculum, you will benefit from a childbirth workshop geared to help you prepare for your little one's birth! My Blissful-Childbirth is a 3 hour modern & practical workshop

During the workshop will cover:

- Preparation for Birth
- Birth Process
- Forgiveness
- Beyond Birth/ The FORTH Trimester

This thought-for Childbirth Education workshop will prepare you and your partner to birth beautifully together, no matter where you chose to have your baby – home or hospital!

Investment: €198 per couple (inc. VAT).

Private Session possible. Price? EUR 380/couple

Payment plan - Possible

Note: Some insurance companies reimburse the course’s cost. Registration is vital

Childbirth Preparation Sessions: 1-1 in the comfort of your own home : contact me for your customized package

My Childbirth Preparation Sessions will leave you ready, informed and confident to achieve the birth you want. Contact me for more information!

Prepare together for the birth of your baby. 

Why attend a childbirth class as a couple? Because Education is key to having a good birth! 
When you attend together you will learn so much as a couple. Your husband/Partner doesn’t have to attend but he will be very glad he did, because most fathers are normally sceptical in the beginning. They tend to leave a session extremely enthusiastic though  . Its beneficial when you attend together, listen to the facts and the logic, learn and understand how important the information is and the difference him as a father or birth companion can make. 

Normally the position of a father at a birth is of someone who is nervous, feeling responsible for the situation 'she is in', holding her hand and wishing he could help, but not knowing what to do. My course is aimed at preparing him so he can support you as you both birth your baby 

A father is a huge asset in the birthing room, and many mothers say, ‘I couldn’t have done it without him.’ 

When you plan together, share your views, concerns and aims it will not only bring you closer, he (your husband/partner) will know he has played an important part in how his baby entered the world.  This in return will deepen your relationship as a couple, and his relationship with his child